Friday, June 4, 2010

Music Bank - June 4

Music Bank, kpop music show feat. S501, T-Max, Code-V | Super Junior, C.N Blue, 4Minute, Ye Sung (Super Junior), After School, MBLAQ, 8eight, Davichi, Lee Seok Hun (SG Wannabe), Choi Hyun Jun (V.O.S), Hwayobi, Double K ft. Gil Hak Mi, Sistar, Monday Kiz, Park Hye Kyung, Mi Jung Hyun, Electroboyz


  1. thanks for the video !!!

  2. SS501 comeback was awesome

  3. Hey there! I finally answered your affiliate request. Thank you, by the way. You're listed on my affiliates page.

    I really like your blog because I haven't seen a concept like yours before. Keep at it! :)